Withdrawal Policy

Registration at Beulah Heights University is considered a contract binding the student for the entire semester. Many commitments of the university are based upon the enrollment anticipated at the beginning of the semester. Students have the right to withdraw from individual courses or from the university. However, the university requires students to consult with his or her academic advisor prior to withdrawing. To withdraw, the student must submit a completed withdrawal form to the Office of the Registrar with signatures from their academic advisor, business office and financial aid. This form can also be printed from the web site and emailed/mailed or faxed to the Registrar Office (registrar@beulah.edu) . Students who do not officially withdraw (verbally or in writing) are not eligible to receive a withdrawal refund. When a student officially withdraws from the institution, any refund of tuition will be governed by the refund policy as outlined under Withdrawal Refund Policy. Refunds generated from institution withdrawals are calculated from day one to week eight, covering 61% of the semester in Fall/Spring semesters and week four in Summer.


A student can also request a leave of absence based on approved hardship circumstances. A leave of absence is required by students who wish to withdraw from the current semester, or who do not wish to attend a future semester (*excluding summer as the starting term). For students with multiple degree programs or majors, leaves of absence are only granted for all programs and majors. Leaves will not be granted for more than one year at a time. A leave of absence from your program may not exceed a cumulative total of two years.


Academic Status

Students on an approved leave of absence retain their admitted student status; however, they are not registered and therefore do not have the rights and privileges of registered students. Students on leave may complete course work for which an ‘Incomplete’ grade was reported in a prior term and are expected to comply with the 30 day maximum time limit for resolving incompletes. Failure to return as scheduled or to secure an extension of a prior leave will result in cancelation of registration privileges and a substantial reinstatement fee. Official department or University requirements (e.g., qualification examinations) cannot be fulfilled during the leave period.

Graduate Students

Degree programs and candidacy must be valid in the term of reenrollment. Leaves do not delay candidacy or master's program expiration dates. Failure to return as scheduled or to secure an extension of a prior leave will result in cancelation of registration privileges and a substantial reinstatement fee. Official department or University requirements (e.g., qualification examinations) cannot be fulfilled during the leave period.

Submission of Leave of Absence Form

To officially request a leave of absence, a student must indicate their intent on the official withdrawal/leave of absence form. Undergraduate and Graduate students should obtain all the necessary signatures before submitting the completed form to Registrar.

Financial Aid

Students should notify the Financial Aid Office of their intent to leave the University if they are receiving any type of aid, particularly to protect eligibility for certain programs and funds such as Grants/Scholarships while on leave. A portion of any refund is returned to the sources of aid. Students should clear all outstanding bills with the Business Office before returning to campus.


Students must notify all lenders of their intent to leave the University and request exit interview information from financial aid office before leaving campus. Students are cautioned to consider carefully the effect of leaves on their loan status; lenders may count the leave period as part of the total grace period. BHU will provide enrollment status to the National Student Loan Clearing House. Students who receive loan disbursements directly may be required to repay portions of their loans.

University Housing

University housing is generally not available to students on leave. Students with questions about room-and-board refunds should contact the Student Life Offices.


Refunds are calculated from day one to week eight, covering 61% of the semester in Fall/Spring semesters and week four in the summer.

  1. The “Withdrawal Policy” goes into effect on the first day of the semester.
  2. The withdrawal period begins the first week of the semester and continues to week 8 in Fall and Spring semesters, and week 4 in the Summer term. A drop/add period allows a student to drop a class before it begins, during the first semester week only. However, a drop is not considered a withdrawal.
  3. Due to financial decisions made based on class enrollment, tuition and fee charges for withdrawals are based on the start of the term, not on the class start date. For example, if a modular class is scheduled the sixth week of the semester, withdrawal refunds are prorated from the first week of the semester through the 4th week as for any other class.
  4. All classes are subject to the withdrawal policy regardless of start date. For example, in order to receive a refund for a modular course that is scheduled to begin week nine, the withdrawal must be submitted between week one and week 8 in order to receive any portion of a refund. All courses are subject to the same withdrawal policy.
  5. Grades for withdrawals are determined according to the following: A “W” grade is assigned if the student registered for the course and incurred some expense such as a registration fee, but did not attend class. WP (Withdrew Passing) – A “WP” is assigned if the student was passing the course at the time of the withdrawal. A “WP” grade will count as credit hours attempted. WF (Withdrew Failing) - A “WF” is assigned if the student was failing at the time of the withdrawal. A “WF” grade is counted as a punitive grade on the student’s record. A “WF” grade is automatically assigned for withdrawals submitted after week eight unless the student was in good standing and the instructor submits a passing withdrawal.
  6. Withdrawals are not permitted after week 12 (Fall/Spring) or Week 5 (Summer).

Beulah Heights University provides for refunds to withdrawing students under the following guidelines:

  1. Some fees may be refunded based on the prorated withdrawal fee scale up to 50% of the semester.
  2. Time computations will include the first day of class through the day the student brings an official withdrawal notice to the Registrar’s Office.
  3. The tuition refund policy only applies to students who have officially notified the university within the refund period.
    Students who drop a course before the end of the fourth week of a semester will receive a refund for their tuition on a pro-rata basis depending on the date of the course withdrawal.
  4. Students who need to add or drop courses are strongly encouraged to do so by the end of the official first week of the semester. Course additions will only be allowed during week one (drop/add period).

Please note: Not attending classes for which you have registered does not entitle you to a refund of the charges incurred. You must drop your class(es) by the add/drop deadline or withdraw from ALL classes to receive a refund. Tuition and fee refunds are based on the date you have withdrawn from all your classes. Refunds remaining on students’ accounts after book purchases will be issued when the money is received from the source by the University. Refunds will not be made until Beulah Heights University is in possession of the funds. Students should not depend on receiving their refunds by a certain date, as refunds will not be available before the end of the seventh week of the semester at the earliest.



The refund schedule for course withdrawals is as follows:

If a Student Withdraws from a Course:

Refund Percentage

Refund Percentage

During Week One - Drop/Add period (before class has met)



During Week One (after class has met)



During Week Two



During  Week Three



During Week Four



During  Week Five through the end of the semester



NOTE: No withdrawals are permitted after week 12 (fall/spring) or after week 4 (summer).



Students who withdraw from the institution (i.e. drop all courses) before the end of the eighth week of a semester will receive a refund of their tuition on a pro-rata basis dependent on the official date of withdrawal. 

The refund schedule for institutional withdrawals is as follows:

If Student Withdraws from the Institution:

Refund Percentage
Refund Percentage

On or before the first day of classes



Week One (if class has started)



Week Two



Week Three



Week Four



Week Five



Week Six



Week Seven



Week Eight



 All classes/courses are subject to the same withdrawal refund policy, which includes modular, directed study, internships, and online.



Students who miss 50% of the first half of the semester and do not submit an official withdrawal notice are subject to be administratively withdrawn. An administrative Withdrawal is processed upon receipt of a notice from the instructor that the student has not attended class for four consecutive weeks. Administrative withdrawals will be processed after the fee refund period (After 50% of the semester). Students who are administratively withdrawn are not eligible for a tuition/fee refund.

Online Students

Weekly course participation is required for online students. Online students are required to log in and complete weekly assignments. Online students who log in but do not complete assignments are subject to be administratively withdrawn according to the policy as stated above.

All classes/courses are subject to the same withdrawal refund policy, which includes modular, directed study, internships, and online.

  1. In cases of a withdrawal due to disciplinary action, no refunds will be granted for any part of the semester.
  2. A student’s account will not be considered final for at least 30 days after the student has completely withdrawn from the school. During this time the student’s obligations will be reviewed and any necessary adjustments will be made, since some charges are posted only once a month. This applies to withdrawals at the end of a semester as well as during a semester.
  3. The college reserves the right to hold any refund for up to 30 days so that the necessary review of the student’s account can be made.
  4. There are no refunds for early lease terminations. Extenuating circumstances may be directed to the Vice-President of Student Life and Enrollment Management.  Withdrawals under disciplinary action will not be entitled to an honorable dismissal.  No student housing refunds are granted for any part of the semester for individuals withdrawing under disciplinary action.
  5. Refund calculations for students receiving federal financial aid are as follows:
    1. Federal regulations require schools participating in the Student Financial Aid Programs to use the federal refund policy as set forth in the Higher Education Amendments of 1998, Public Law 105-244 for students who receive financial aid when they withdraw from the college.  This policy applies to tuition, fees, books charged with book voucher, and room, and board.
    2. For withdrawals prior to the first day of classes, a student receives a 100% refund. If a student withdraws from Beulah Heights University and is receiving federal financial aid, a portion of those funds may have to be returned to the federal aid programs, and/or lender for Stafford Loans based on the following: If a student withdraws before completing 60% of the semester (week 4), the student is only entitled to federal student aid based on the percentage of time that was completed.  Pro-rata refunds are calculated and determined by percentage of the semester that has been completed up to and including the official date of withdrawals.
    3. Based on this calculation, the college determines the amount of financial aid that is unearned and is responsible for returning any portion necessary to the appropriate financial aid programs and/or lender.  Financial aid funds are returned to the federal programs in the following order: Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan, Subsidized Stafford Loan, Federal Pell Grant and Federal SEOG.   Any remaining credit balances will then be returned to the college and/or student.
    4. Federal regulations, HEA Sec. 484(c), §668.16, 668.34, require all schools participating in Title IV federal financial aid programs to have a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy, which conforms to the requirements of the federal government. These requirements apply to all students as one determinant of eligibility for financial aid. For more informaiton visit the SAP page.

Withdrawal from the college could result in a balance owed to the college for federal aid that is returned to the federal programs and/or lender. No refunds are given once the student has earned 100% of Title IV funds which is calculated based on completion of 61% to 100% of the semester.



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