Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Tuition is the primary means of paying for the cost of instruction and daily administration cost. Tuition is accompanied by various fees that cover special areas of administration. Once registration takes place, the student is officially enrolled and committed to attend. Tuition and fees are immediately assessed and payment is required unless an official cancellation takes place.  

Spring 2018 Undergraduate Tuition and Fee Due Dates

  • Payment 1: January 8, 2018
  • Payment 2: February 15, 2018
  • Payment 3: March 15, 2018
Tuition Paid in Full by January 8, 2018, is eligible for 10% discount

Tuition                                                                                                                       Per Course

Undergraduate Tuition ($309 per semester credit hour)


Auditing Class Tuition


Online Tuition ($309 Per Credit Hour + 100 Online fee)


Directed Study Tuition ($319 per semester credit hour plus $200 fee)




Non-refundable Application fee


Non-refundable Registration fee per course


Late registration fee per course


Late payment fee


Directed Study administration fee per course


Online course administration fee per course


Technology fee


Student activity fee


Books per semester (estimate for full-time course load)                   



Other Fees

Change of major fee


Change of schedule fee during late registration


Payment plan fee per semester


I-20 processing fee


Drop fee per course


A.A. Graduation fee (includes invitations and appropriate academic regalia)


B.A  Graduation fee (includes invitations and appropriate academic regalia)


Credit By Examination Administrative Fee


Re-entry fee (after an absence from BHU for one year)       


Returned check fee


Declined credit card fee


Transcript (electronic copy)


Transcript (paper/mail copy)


Please note: Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. 

Student Resident Costs

Men’s & Women’s Dormitories – FALL/SPRING


Men’s & Women’s Dormitories – SUMMER


Fees may vary at the time dormitory plan is purchased


All students electing to use the deferred payment plan method must sign an authorization form giving BHU permission to charge your credit card or check card for payments.

The Business Office will charge students' credit card or check card on the designated dates.

* The reduced tuition rate is predicated ONLY on the Undergraduate and Graduate students making full payments on the First day of Semester. Students who do not complete payment in full and use Deferment payment will be responsible for paying the total charges amount and be subject to 1.5% finance charge on the remaining balance.

If you do not have a credit card or check card, you will be allowed to make your payments in the Business Office. 


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