• All Students MUST complete the Payment Validation Agreement to register for classes.

Terms and Conditions

I agree to pay in full all charges related to my registration. I understand that if I withdraw or do not complete the semester for any reason, I must submit official withdrawal documentation to the Registrar’s Office.

I understand that any refund will be in accordance with the refund policy found in detail in the BHU catalog.

I understand that I will be charged a $50.00 fee if I:

  • Miss a payment date
  • Have Financial Aid shortfall and do not make arrangements with the business office
  • Do not complete my FAFSA and Financial Aid package in a timely manner.

I understand that if I choose the Self Pay - Deferred Payment Plan method below, I authorize BHU to charge my credit or check card account

  • First payment on the 11th day of January 2021
  • Second payment on the 11th day of February 2021
  • Third payment on the 11th day of March 2021
  • Forth payment on the 12th day of April 2021

I also understand that if my account balance is not paid in full by the final payment due date (see Tuition and Fee Payment Scale document), a BUSINESS OFFICE HOLD will be placed on my account and I will not be able to sit for my finals and register for the next semester. I will not receive my grade report or transcript information, and I will not be able to access the Student Portal.

I understand that if my account is turned over to a collection agency for non-payment, I am liable for all costs of collection, which includes an additional 25% fee and any attorney fees where applicable.


Admissions - Registration Validation Agreement

Check this box if you are not receiving financial aid and you plan to pay your school fees by credit/check card. I am not receiving financial aid and understand that I am solely responsible for all expenses incurred by my registration. I also understand that my registration is not complete until the following three things are complete: 1. Complete the signature section below of this Payment Validation Agreement. 2. Send signed copy to the Student Account Office by fax (404 627-0702) or as an email attachment (see digital signature below) to financialaid@beulah.edu/ businssoffice.students@beulah.edu. 3. Make credit/check card payment by calling the Student Account staff @ Extension 106 or 155 or 120.
Check this box to permit Beulah Heights University to deduct eligible charges from your federal student aid refund including tuition and textbook fees. I understand that the posting of my Federal Student Financial Aid to my student account may or may not generate a credit balance. In the case that I do have a Federal Student Aid credit balance once my funds have posted, I give permission to Beulah Heights University to use the credit balance created from Federal Student Financial Aid funds towards a textbook voucher to purchase required textbooks including shipping charge if applicable from Beulah Heights University Bookstore. I understand that I am solely responsible for all cost incurred by my registration including the cost of my textbooks.
Check this box if an agency other than Federal Student Aid will be paying your tuition and/or related expenses. You may need to call the Business Office for more information.
I understand that I am liable for all cost incurred by my registration and I am solely responsible for all expenses that are not paid by any other agency.
I have read this Registration Validation Agreement carefully and hereby agree to its terms.


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Admissions Team

Jasmine Douglas
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Nara Yun
Director of Enrollment:
Korean Studies/DSO
404-627-2681 Ext. 148

Josiane Carolino
Director of Marietta Campus
404-348-6711 (mobile)

Gina Garlington
Office and Recruitment Supervisor
404-275-4837 (mobile)


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