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Beginning Spring 2021, Beulah Heights University will offer an accelerated Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership. This program is designed for students desiring an advanced degree in less time without the worry of less rigor!

Our program is designed to mirror the course delivery model of the immensely popular, yet practical Fast-Track MBA programs that have allowed corporate professionals around the U.S an advanced degree in a fraction of the time. This newly designed format will integrate a Term I/Term II course schedule, matched with heavy instructional mentorship while supporting Ph.D. completion in three years vs. the traditional five years.

This will be done through a blend of intensive residences, face-to-face, online hybrid courses, and weekend research writing workshops during years one and two. Our third and final year culminates with a full year of Dissertation Research from Prospectus through Defense.

Now what are you waiting for; your dream of becoming Dr. is closer than you think!

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Sonya Okoli
Assistant Professor & Ph.D. Program Coordinator



The mission of our Ph.D. in Leadership program is to establish biblical foundations for reflection, critical thinking, research, and publication on Christian worldview issues in the context of leadership. As part of our overall mission to educate persons for service in ministry and marketplace, this program is specifically designed to address some of the world’s pressing leadership problems.

Our program prepares Christian leaders to transform the world for the glory of God both personally and professionally. Through this innovative and cutting edge program, we are influencing tomorrow's leaders to embody the skills and tools necessary to create global impact within an extremely diverse world.We believe leaders are molded by God's world impassioned to do his will and characterized by the living of a godly life with servant hearts.


General Description of the Curriculum

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Organizational Leadership is a 60-hour program that includes foundation, research, discipline and elective area coursework. While culminating with a comprehensive examination and dissertation.

Coursework is focused on the blending of theory, real-world and practical applications that develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to strategically resolve conflict, manage high performing teams, lead multicultural and multigenerational workspaces; While integrating the ideas and standard operations of globalization. Our curriculum is designed to further develop aspiring leaders who have the desire to further cultivate their knowledge base while enhancing the competencies needed to lead strategically and efficiently. In addition to leadership studies, discipline courses are tailored to reflect Business, Education, Ministry and the Social Science. All of which present principles for the growth and development for both a well rounded course of study and student.



Will I need to take the GRE or GMAT?

As the focus of our graduate program is to create a space where diversity in academics and life experiences come together; our program admissions review committee takes extreme consideration for many variables outside of test scores. With this, a student’s professional background, leadership experience, and previous coursework are reviewed. As such, neither the GRE nor GMAT are required components to admission.

Thus, interested applicants are asked to provide verification of a completed master’s degree from an accredited institution in any major along with a respectable academic record and professional references.

What is your program delivery model?

Our Ph.D. consists of 60-credits hours offered with two tracks.
Track (1) Hybrid Intensive and Track (2) Online/Distance Education.

Track 1, courses are blended into weekly on-campus face to face meeting with remaining time online. Track 2 courses are held online asynchronous. Both tracks follow an 8-week format with the exception of research coursework.

International students interested in studying in the U.S but not reside here may enroll in our Distance Education track. This program will offer a 100% online virtual instructional delivery model allowing students to complete coursework at their own pace. Additionally, both virtual residencies and research courses are built into this track to ensure connectedness to the program while maintaining residency abroad.

As this is an enhanced/accelerated degree program students are expected to register for at least 2 courses each 8-week term beginning “Year Two”. However, students seeking a slower pace may request the option to enroll in one course per term or at least hours per semester for those seeking financial aid.

What are you looking for in a prospective Ph.D. student?

As the discipline of leadership is multidisciplinary in nature, we anticipate interest from students with many different backgrounds. This is a promising factor in student experience as it creates an exciting array of perspectives while making room for an extremely diverse student body.

What we are specifically looking for in a prospective student is someone already characterized as a leader. Subsequently who understands the importance of social responsibility and who will embody solid moral and ethical values. Our desire is to build a group of scholars who are open, receptive, and willing to embrace multiple perspectives and believes in a collaborative manner. We are looking for students who want to contribute to the body of literature already present in the leadership world.

Do you accept transfer credit?

Yes, a maximum of nine doctoral-level credit hours may be applied toward the Ph.D. degree. Coursework considered for transfer should not have been applied toward a doctoral degree obtained at a college or university other than Beulah Heights University. A student must have received a grade of B or higher and earned the credit within the past 10 years for any course to be considered for transfer.

Will I be required to complete a residency?

Yes, during the course of the program students will complete on-campus residencies as part of their coursework. Additionally, students are offered additional support in preparation of dissertation research and writing with ongoing Qualitative & Quantitative Writing Workshops & Seminars.

What can I do with this degree professionally, besides teaching?

The attainment of a Ph.D. at Beulah Heights University will provide you with an opportunity to study the art and the science of leadership.

Outside of an aspiration to become a member of academia, the leadership principles taught will position you to competitively seek positions leading a myriad of organizations to attain job titles like: Professional Consultant, Program Director, College & University Coordinator, Training & Development Expert, and P-16 School Leader.

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