Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)


The Curriculum

The BBA program is a four-year program with four components: General Studies, Religious Studies, Core Business, and Electives.  The courses within each cluster are as follows:

Required General Studies – 36 credit hours (12 courses)
  1. E101 English Grammar
  2. E102 English Composition
  3. Sp107 Effective Oral Communication
  4. SS112 Interpersonal Cross-cultural Communication
  5. Math117 Basic Concepts of Mathematics
  6. Hist228 Survey of American History
  7. Hist253 Survey of World History
  8. Sc260 Basic Computers/Word Processing
  9. E351 Literature of the Western World
  10. Sc366 Principles of Science
  11. Hist414 Church History
  12. ATH 115: Success For All (Required)[1]
Bible Courses – 30 Credit Hours (10 Courses)

Required Courses – 9 Credit Hours (3 Courses)

  1. Bi 108 Old Testament Literature
  2. Bi 116 New Testament Literature
  3. Th 203 Systematic Theology I

Electives[2] – 21 Credit Hours (7 Courses)


Business Administration

Required Courses - 57 Credit Hours

  1. ACCT 101: Accounting I
  2. ACCT 102: Accounting II
  3. LS 202 Nonprofit Development and Management
  4. ECON 204: Principles of Microeconomics
  5. ECON 214: Principles of Macroeconomics
  6. MATH 202: Introduction to Statistics
  7. BUS 300: Business Law
  8. BUS 305: Global Business
  9. BUS 315: Corporate Finance
  10. BUS 320: Strategic Management
  11. BUS 335: Management and Consulting
  12. MKT 340: Marketing
  13. MKT 345: Selling and Management
  14. MKT 352: Marketing Research
  15. BUS 350: Organizational Behavior
  16. BUS 455: International Market and Trade Agreements
  17. HRA 310: Human Resources Management
  18. HRA 350: Employee and Labor Relations
  19. HRA 430: Compensation
  20. LS 205: Enhancing Leadership and Management through Technology
  21. LS 301: Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics
  22. BUS499: Internship

Electives[3] – 6 Credit Hours (2 Courses)

 6 Credit Hours (2 Courses)- You may select from any undergraduate course our university offers.

[1] This course cannot be transferred and has to be taken at BHU.

[2] Any three courses within Religious Studies (Besides Required Courses)

[3] Electives may be chosen from any courses within undergraduate courses.










































Today's business professionals undertake a broad range of responsibilities involving interpersonal activities, decision-making, integration of technology, strategic communications, and teamwork. These professionals must be well prepared for these challenges by acquiring higher skills and knowledge to the workplace than ever before. With this recognition, BHU BBA has clear learning outcomes aimed at ensuring that graduate of BBA are able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of business administration concepts and quantitative controls in the business environment by satisfactorily completing specific course work,
  • Locate information sources applicable to meet the requirements within the major as well as select appropriate technologies to analyze and interpret data,
  • Use written and oral communication guidelines based upon APA style and accepted business practices to clearly express ideas, concepts, and demonstrate the ability to apply in the appropriate business setting, and,
  • Identify business opportunities/problems, develop alternative solutions, and formulate plans.


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