President Emeritus

I arrived at Beulah Heights Bible College (now Beulah Heights University) in August, 1973. I have worn many hats in my connection with BHBC/BHU—student, janitor, breakfast cook, dishwasher, contributing and supporting Pastor, Board Member, President, Chancellor and now President Emeritus. I have observed and experienced the college in multiple forms throughout the decades.

I have concluded that this institution is truly unique and only those willing to walk into their uniqueness really maximize their experience here.

The following facts highlight BHU’s uniqueness:

  • BHU began as the spill over of the Azusa Street spiritual outpouring on the east coast in 1918 making it one of the southeast’s oldest Bible colleges.
  • BHU’s founders’ (Rev. Paul & Hattie Barth) vision was to impact the world by developing, mentoring and training 12-18 missionaries who then traveled all corners of the world.
  • Now the world comes to BHU from literally every corner of this planet—Globalization is nothing new at BHU.
  • BHU is sensitive to the adult returning student.
  • BHU is one of the country’s largest predominantly minority institution—Urbanization is nothing new to BHU.
  • BHU has students from hundreds of churches and almost 50 denominations.
  • BHU has a Board, Administration, Faculty and Staff who represent this colorful blend.
  • BHU is accredited with two nationally recognized US Office of Education approved agencies.

This milieu of transdenominational, transchurch, transnational, transcultural, transethnic, and all things "trans" makes BHU that unique place.

Your uniqueness combined with BHU's uniqueness makes a powerful transcombination!

Are you ready? BHU is!

Experience the BHU experience and be transformed forever.

Dr. Samuel R. Chand, D.D.
President Emeritus


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