Th 616 Dr. King and the Church As a social change

Th 615 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Church as a Social Agent of Change

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Church as a Social Agent of Change will explore and examine the theological, ethical and philosophical foundations of the life, work, and thought of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Attention will be given to King’s understanding of God, Christ, the Church, the move of the Holy Spirit and G-D's mandate to and for humanity along with how the interplay of these conceptions informed his quest to critique, contest and transform North American civilization and the emerging global order.

Students will be asked to explore and examine the cultural and social dynamics that shaped King’s identity as a minister/theologian, preacher of the Gospel, and his understanding of the church's role and significance as G-D's agent of transformation in and to the world. The Course will also examine Martin Luther King Jr.'s impact on international theology, his cultural legacy, and his engagement with historical theologians, the theologians of his day, historical ethicist and the ethicist of his day, and the prevalent thought and attitudes concerning race, gender, class, and justice

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