Th 616 Dr. King and the Church As a social change

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Church as a Social Agent of Change will explore and examine the spiritual, philosophical, political and social foundations of the leadership and thought ideology of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Attention will be given to King’s understanding of mass media, the Church, America's historical social ills and governmental policy contextualized through his adherence to the Christian faith. These concepts shaped a new American civilization and became the standard-bearer for transformational methodologies, which can be applied today. 

Students will be challenged to explore, critique and understand the importance of commerce, politics and the Church during a time of adversarialism and racial discord. We will take a close look at the world through the social lens of Dr. King's era and compare it to modern-day societal ideology. Learners will also examine various social dynamics that shaped King’s identity as a minister, policy influencer/expert and national figure. Through this examination, students will develop a best practices approach for leading through adversity and making lasting change possible.

Dr. King's understanding of the church's role within the confines of American political change will be illuminated throughout the course.

This course will also highlight pragmatic methods of change utilized by Dr. King that can be adopted in churches, ministries and pro-Christian groups today.

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