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Program Overview

The Graduate Division of Beulah Heights University offers programs that prepare leaders for ministry and the marketplace. The curriculum seeks to develop in students those competencies required for ministry in contemporary society. It includes a strong emphasis on the Bible itself, a working knowledge of church history and systematic theology, as well as ministry skills. The Master of Arts with concentrations in Leadership Studies requires 42 credit hours for completion. Each program encompasses 27 hours of core curriculum requirements and 15 hours in the area of concentration (Leadership Studies or Religious Studies).

Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level?

Well, in as little as 16 months, you can earn a Master of Arts with a concentration in Leadership (MALS). The MALS degree empowers students like you to pursue your passion in almost any field. With experience or interest in nonprofit, church or corporate environments students are taught the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to become a relevant and impactful leader.

As our program is designed for working adults and modern students, courses meet you where you are by allowing the option of either taking classes on-campus (hybrid) or fully online. Our program will promote individual growth and spiritual maturity while cultivating an understanding of the dynamics of both Christian and Secular Leadership competencies. By combining organizational and servant leadership approaches in the development of transformational leaders equipped to lead globally.

Additionally, the MALS program is a feeder into our Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership program. With these students who aspire to earn a doctoral degree will gain experience in research methods preparation at the completion of the Capstone Project.

What type of student would be a great fit for the MALS program?

The MALS program is designed for students who want to learn how to fully embrace spiritual and leadership roles collectively. Any student with an open mind and willingness to learn is a great fit for this program. Additionally, we embrace students from all backgrounds and degree programs.

What can I expect in a classroom experience?

We are proud to share that all courses are taught by a world-class faculty representing the ranks of recognized leadership experts from around the globe. As such students will experience an holistic approach that includes the development of self-awareness and exposure to real world problem solving, relevant conflict resolution strategies and effective organizational leadership practices.

What are some interesting things current students share about this program?

Current students share how one of the most interesting aspects of the program helped to identify power structures within organizational models and how to effect change within the cultural context. This degree program teaches more than just how to manage the day to day challenges of processes and procedures. But challenging students to embrace self-awareness and emotional intelligence so they learn how to become effective leaders who understand how to influence people. Many enjoy the robust nature of an engaging experiential learning experience led by faculty members who are practitioners, religious leaders and social influencers.

What type of careers can I pursue with this degree?

With a Masters Degree in Leadership Studies You Can Pursue The Following Career Paths:

  • Corporate Trainer
  • Human Resources
  • Health Services
  • Education Leadership

When will classes begin?

Applications are accepted in Fall and Spring only. CLICK HERE to determine the priority deadline for our next session!

Program Requirements

Master of Arts Leadership Studies - 42 Credits

Core Curriculum – 27 credit hours (9 courses)

  • LS 620 Research Writing in Leadership and Business (must be taken in first year)
  • Bi 501 Old Testament
  • Bi 502 New Testament
  • TH 503 Systematic Theology I
  • Th 513 Systematic Theology II
  • LS 600 Introduction to Leadership
  • LS 613 Case Studies in Biblical Leadership
  • LS 601 Ethical Considerations of Leadership

Leadership Studies Requirements - 15 credit hours (5 courses)

Students will choose 15 hours of curriculum study from the Leadership electives

  • LS 590 Executive Leadership I
  • LS 591 Executive Leadership II
  • LS 602 Global Dimensions of Leadership
  • LS 603 Organizational Communication
  • LS 604 Conflict Resolution
  • LS 605 Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving
  • LS 606 Organizational Administration
  • LS 607 Managing Organizational Change
  • LS 609 Church Planting
  • LS 610 Financial Administration
  • LS 611 Women in Leadership
  • LS 612 Principles in Business
  • LS 613 Case Studies in Biblical Leadership
  • LS 614 Multicultural management
  • LS 616 Marketing Strategies
  • LS 617 Leading in Crisis
  • LS 618 Servant Leadership
  • LS 619 Historical and Contemporary Models of Leadership
  • LS 683 Laws of Leadership

Note: Check for pre-requisites before enrolling in a course.


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