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About the Alumni Association
The Alumni Association keeps its members and friends involved in the University’s present. No matter how far away (either in time or location) alumni have traveled from Atlanta, their views on the governance of today’s University are represented.
The Alumni Association assists and encourages connections between alumni and students by hosting joint discussions on the Honor System, cosponsoring alumni-student job fairs, sending alumni association members, friends and family the Alumni Newsletter quarterly, and overseeing other important initiatives and activities. In partnership with Beulah Heights University, and through its own mission and goals, the Alumni Association plays an active role in the institution’s future as well.

Mission: Build the strongest bond between the University and its Alumni

  • Serve ALL of the University’s Alumni and students
  • Serve as the Voice and the Conscience of Alumni
  • Serve the University and its Mission

To accomplish this, the Alumni Association will:

  • Act as a center for Alumni communications and activities
  • Partner with the University to create best in class Alumni and Student Engagement
  • Provide relevant services to address Alumni’s life issues and responsibilities
  • Celebrate Alumni accomplishments
  • Raise funding for advocacy programs and operating needs with a long-term goal of achieving financial self-sufficiency
  • Provide an incubator capability for new ideas and concepts to benefit the University

Based on these underlying values:

  • Reinforce University traditions, including the Honor System and student self-governance
  • Enhance the value of a Beulah Heights University education and experience
  • Support and promote a diverse and global Academical Village
  • Maintain the self-governance of the Alumni Association


Alumni Association Membership & Benefits

Joining the Alumni Association is a great way to stay connected to BHU.
And, did you know when you join the Association you also gain access to many benefits?
Here are some:

  • Advanced standing with registration in the Master’s Program
  • Full access to the library
  • Invitations to seminars and workshops
  • Access to facility usage (with a rental fee)
  • Access to available alumni discounts for BHU events
  • Opportunities to connect with fellow alumni and current students



Alumni Address & Contact

Pastricia Staton, Alumni Coordinator

Facebook: Beulah Heights University
Twitter: @BeulahHeights
Instagram: @beulahheightsu
Admissions Office Contact Information

Located in the U Building

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday

Appointment Hours

Monday – Wednesday

Admissions Team

Jasmine Douglas
Director of Admissions
Primary DSO
404-627-2681 Ext. 128

Nara Yun
Director of Enrollment:
Korean Studies/DSO
404-627-2681 Ext. 148

Josiane Carolino
Director of Marietta Campus
404-348-6711 (mobile)

Gina Garlington
Office and Recruitment Supervisor
404-275-4837 (mobile)


Beulah Heights University
P.O. Box 18145
892 Berne St, S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30316
Tel: 404-627-2681


Tel: 404-627-2681 Ext. 128 or 117 | FAX:  404-627-0702  

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