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Here at BHU, we are committed to the ongoing success of our international student population. As an international student, we recognize the many challenges that come along with financially supporting oneself while studying in a foreign country. 

Therefore, to help alleviate that stress, Beulah Heights University has launched this CARES Resource page specifically for our F-1 student body. Students are encouraged to read the below information carefully and contact the respective department to take advantage of the amazing opportunities! 

As more information becomes available, this page will be updated accordingly.


International Student Affairs Office





International students now have the opportunity to apply with our Scholarship Committee for two distinct honors. Visit for more information on deadlines and the application process. 

Please note: Scholarships are limited and granted on a semester by semester basis by the Committee. Applicants must be approved by the committee to be awarded. 

“Finish Strong” Scholarship

  • F-1 students who have successfully maintained their payments throughout their program are eligible to apply for this scholarship for their final semester.
  • Students have the opportunity to receive credit for up to one course in their final semester.

Please note: Students must apply to the Committee the semester BEFORE their final semester. A final semester can be either fall, spring, or summer semester. 

Global “High Achiever” Scholarship

  • F-1 students who maintain a 3.5 GPA are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Check your BHU Student Portal to determine your GPA eligibility.
  • Students have the opportunity to receive credit for up to one course in their final semester.



We understand that during these tough times, help and understanding goes a long way.  We want you to know that BHU CARES. In light of COVID-19, please find some of the scholarship opportunities now available for current and new students below: 


Following a special approval from President Karanja, BHU will be offering all F-1 students a credit to their account in the following amounts:

  • $100 for part-time (2 courses for undergraduate and graduate, 1 course for doctoral)
  • $200 for full-time (4 courses for undergraduate, 3 courses for graduate, 2 courses for doctoral)


Covid-19 support (Summer 2020)

  • $200 Scholarship to current students
  • $300 Scholarship to all new students
  • Additional 5% tuition scholarship to COVID-19 frontline workers
  • Additional 5% tuition scholarship to students who lost employment
  • Additional 10% for the students paying their entire Summer balance in full
For more information or to submit employment supporting documents please contact the Business Office Department at 404-627-2681 or



Standard Payment Plan

  • All students who pay their tuition in full by the first day of class are eligible for a 10% discount.
  • Students who choose to do the payment plan option must contact the Business Office to confirm the established payment plan dates.
  • Please email to discuss you’re the specifics of payment plan details.

Extended Payment Plan

  • The extended payment plan will allow students to skip one payment plan date without a late penalty once they communicate with the business office.
  • Please email to discuss you’re the specifics of payment plan details.



Help us get the word out about BHU!

To celebrate 100 years, BHU continues to offer a $100 tuition credit to the referring student. The great news is, students can refer as many new students as possible with this offer!

Important Guidelines:

  • Only applies to NEW full-time students or re-entering students (not enrolled for at least one year)
  • Staff and Faculty not eligible
  • Credits will apply to the referring student once the new student enrolls in classes at BHU
  • Name and Student ID of referring student MUST be entered on application and verified by the Admissions and Business Office
  • Credits will be applied to the following semester
  • Credits can only be applied to tuition expenses


The below opportunities represent current processes that the International Student Affairs Office facilitates with F-1 students who are eligible to either work on or off-campus.

Students are also encouraged to review the International Student Handbook, which provides additional guidance about employment opportunities as an F-1 student.



Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a form of temporary employment authorization for F-1 students upon completion of their degree programs to gain experience in jobs directly related to their major area of study. Most students avail themselves of this privilege following completion of their program of study.

F-1 students are eligible for a total of 12 months of OPT per educational degree level (e.g., Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate). Students in non-degree programs are not eligible for any kind of off-campus work authorization.

The authorization is recommended by the P/DSO in the International Student Affairs (ISA) and awarded by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

If you are in your final semester and interested in applying for OPT, please email to determine your next steps.



Severe economic hardship employment authorization is occasionally authorized by USCIS. The authorization is usually for 1 year at a time to address major, unforeseen financial needs beyond an F1 student’s control that arose after the student began enrollment. Authorization is granted only after all other potential employment opportunities have proven insufficient.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Loss of financial aid or on-campus employment (through no fault of your own);
  • Substantial fluctuations in currency value or exchange rate;
  • Inordinate increases in tuition or living costs;
  • Unexpected changes in the financial condition of your source of support;
  • Medical bills; and
  • Other substantial and unexpected expenses.

Please note, students are required to maintain a full course of study with this option and can only work up to 20 hours per week when school is in session.

Students interested must email, so a representative from our office can follow up with your directly to discuss your next steps and eligibility.



Calling students from all campuses (Atlanta, Marietta & Gwinnett)! Are you interested in volunteering at BHU?

We are looking for qualified volunteers who can join the efforts of our BHU team. Ambassador positions are granted on a semester by semester basis and spaces are limited.

Interested candidates must submit the following to



Unless otherwise noted by the International Student Affairs Office, F-1 students can only take advantage of one incentive per semester based on eligibility. As more information becomes available, this page will be updated accordingly.
Remain strong, remain encouraged, and remain vigilant as you finish #BHUSTRONG!


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